Sure Fire Ways to Spot a Side Piece.

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Introduction: He’s cheating on you with a mystery hottie? Let’s unravel the mystery now.

Ever heard the saying, don’t get mad, get even? Well, if your boo is stepping out on you, you might want to get mad, even or both. Let’s not get into what I might do, the thought alone has me shooting flames from my eyes. Yeah, but we wouldn’t want to burn up an innocent hottie.

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So let’s go hottie fishing.  

  1. The hottie is too familiar with your bae.

Did a hottie give your bae a shoulder bump, a pat on the arm, a back rub, a smitten or cheeky stare? Mushy emotions are definitely involved, bells should go off.

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2. Boo is forming official with hottie.

Is your boo acting a tad too official around a particular hottie? Maybe all of a sudden, notices that the hottie is not appropriately dressed for work? It’s a smokescreen, some body sound the alarm.

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3. Hottie is forming bestie with you

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So now, only your tailor will do, because they don’t have theirs. Is the hottie all up in your business, going extra unsolicited miles on your behalf and helpfully taking some decisions for your boo above her pay grade? Kick her to the curb, then call your real bestie to tear her some.

Stay sharp, people.

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