12 Personal Big Brother Naija 90-day Challenge ideas.

Everywhere is buzzing with excitement because of the Big Brother Naija show and you are probably very excited about this too. Well, it is a cool way to achieve those things that you have always had in mind to do before now. You can do this by working with the time-frame of 90 days. Have you thought of the possibility of using these 90 days of the Big Brother Naija show to achieve something great?

Here are some ideas on what your personal Big Brother Naija challenge can be.

  1. Get a new skill and improve yourself.
  2. You can lose weight.
  3. Save up for a new investment.
  4. Read at least three books.
  5. Write a book.
  6. Build your personality structure.
  7. Discover yourself .
  8. Get a new side hustle and make more money.
  9. Work towards dropping a bad habit.
  10. Start a new diet.
  11. Eliminate intake of junks.
  12. Build a successful relationship.

You can do this if you believe can!

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