It All Started as Banter, But Now We Wonder; Is Drake Really Cursed?

If one didn’t know Drake for popular hits like ‘Started from the bottom’, ‘God’s Plan’, ‘Hotline Bling’ and the likes, then by now they probably know him for all the banter (is it really?) going on around the internet as The Drake Curse.

First of all, it is a fun thing to just think that Drake does have village people that are following him around. I mean, who knew Canadians could actually be bothered? But guys, he’s one of us! (That is, if your village people are following you around) Because whether or not this curse thing is actually well, a thing, one cannot ignore the fact that our beloved artiste does seem to bring bad luck to teams that he supports in a competition, or athletes who have taken a picture with him before they had a game. There was Aguero, Pogba and very recently, Anthony Joshua who even tweeted moments before his big match, that he would break the Drake curse. But guess who got broken (and beaten) instead?

Yeah, this one was a doozy.

We really do not know what it is, but its just fun to talk about and watch people speculate. But we’re thinking that for now, you might want to prepare yourself for some serious heartbreak if Drake starts rooting for your favorite football club or athlete. The latest news now is that he’s having a summer song with Chris Brown soon, and after a picture of the both of them was posted by Chris yesterday (see below), we can only commit said song in the hands of God.

But when it’s all said and done, would you really refuse to take a picture with Drake? We’re thinking the possibility of a dope selfie with Drake >>>>>> the chance of being hit with the ‘curse’. We know we would jump at the opportunity to get a selfie with him, anyway. Wouldn’t you?

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