Having a Dull Day? These 15 tips will help brighten your mood quickly.

There is nothing as sweet as having a bright day. It influences you positively and enables you to spread this positivity all around. It also tends to improve your level of productivity. However there are times when your day is just really dull and everything just seems to upsets you. At this point, you begin to wonder what you can do to add some bling to your day.

Here are some tips that will help you:

  1. Visit social media and watch funny videos

There so many creative artistes that create exciting content that will give you a good laugh which will boost your mood and brighten your day.

2. Listen to music

Everyone has that special genre of music that can makes them feel better. Be it pop music, rock, soul music, fuji or even apala…lol. Music always does the magic.

3. Chat with a fun friend

There are people that are always there to consciously or unconsciously put a smile on your face. Find people like this and surround yourself with them. In dull moments, they are always the best type of people to chat with.

4. Dance freely

This sounds weird right? You don’t necessarily have to draw attention to yourself by dancing on your table in the office, you may go to the toilet, plug your ears and dance. This will help you shake off all the bad mood.

5. Eat your favourite food or snack.

Good food is a great way to boost your mood. The aroma alone will put a smile on your face and make you feel better.

6. Chew gum

Constant chewing has a positive influence on you mood and makes you feel really better in no time.

7. Reminisce on good times

If you have pictures of when you were having a really nice time or anything at all that brings back lovely memories will you feel better.

8. Do something nice for someone

Rendering a helping hand to someone in need makes the person happy and you are indirectly helping yourself feel better because the smile you put on another person’s face gives you joy from within.

9. Take a walk

This will help calm your nerves and relieve the tension you may be feeling from within you.

10. Give yourself a treat

Take some time out and spoil yourself with a nice treat that will make you happy.

11. Go shopping

You can go shopping if you are boxed up and have the time but if you are broke, you can go window shopping with a friend and catch some fun.

12. Get a Massage

Calm your nerves with a massage on your shoulders, neck region and all surrounding areas to boost your mood.

13. Wear clothes with bright colours.

Bright colours have a way of creating a positive hyper-activeness that gives you a fresh energy.

14. Think about anything that makes you happy

This is a way of diverting your mind from negative thoughts that makes you feel gloomy to thoughts that lifts your spirit.

15. Get a hug

Hugs have a way of making you feel so much better regardless of what your mood was before. It will also calm your nerves.

There you are! say no to gloomy days.

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