Find Out Who Your Favorite Celebrity Went as to IK Osakioduwa’s GOT Themed Party!

If you know much about Nigerian celebrities, or little even, you know fully well how much they like to party. And every time they do, they always bring the slay, and sometimes unfortunately, the nay. Yesterday was a fun one with the GOT themed party hosted by IK Osakioduwa, which had our A list celebrities trying to recreate looks from one of the most popular shows on TV ever, Game of Thrones.

The pictures hit social media and of course, everyone went into a frenzy. It was pretty obvious that a lot of work had been put into these costumes to try to look like characters in the show and for us, it basically was a ‘guess who’ game. Trying to point out the hits and the misses was the most fun part for us since well, we didn’t get invited to the party.

Okay so without further ado, here are some of the pictures from the event and of course, what character we think the celebrity was trying to look like.

Looks like the Dany/Jorah match the TV didn’t give us finally happened with this party. Adesua came as Khaleesi (we think) and Banky was definitely Ser Jorah. And what else can we say except WE’RE SO HAPPY FOR YOU, SER JORAH!

Ebuka was definitely a man of the Night’s Watch. Jon Snow, perhaps?

We all have to admit that Toke Makinwa slayed so hard as Sansa Stark. Make way for the Queen in the North!

Waje came through as Melisandre, the Red Woman. And we absolutely stan this Red Woman!

There was a Khal Drogo in the building as well, albeit a tad smaller than we are used to. All hail Uzi Kwendu, the chief of the Dothraki Khalasar!

Busola Dakolo went as Cersei Lannister. She does look like a nicer queen, although we do feel better that there’s no actual Greek fire in reality. And we’re still honestly thrown on who Timi was going as. Or is what’s west of Westeros…Greece?

Although Falz looked a little like Neo from The Matrix, we’re just going to assume he went to this event as Petyr Baelish. And the person beside him looks exactly like the Starbucks cup in the series; out of place.

There are so many pictures of this particular event, more than we can possibly share. Some celebrities really hit the mark, and others, maybe not so much. But who are we to judge? We do know we had so much fun seeing them all dressed up as characters from the biggest TV show in 9 years.

Who was your favorite look of the night? Who missed it? Let us know in the comment section!

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