Bring The Slay to Work Too – Here’s 5 Easy Ways To!

Work might not be the place we want to spend most of our time in, but the reality of being an adult is that one must work to eat. And well, just because it’s tasking and sometimes repetitive to actually work, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous while at it. So, let’s dive right in and see refreshing ways to slay at work:

Add a pop of color :- This just involves wearing your regular office clothes with pop of color here and there, this could be with a piece of jewelry, skirt/trouser or neck scarf, anything to brighten up your run-of-the-mill work clothes. 

Less is more :- By less, we mean more casual. This is the easiest look to create; you wear something casual like black jeans and pair it with heels, or a nice simple blouse with a nice blazer, and you’re well and good to go.

Experiment more :- Most offices might not give room for much creative cloth styling, but it does not mean you can’t try new things. For experimental work outfits, we recommend that you play with different shaped clothing items and mix different styles, so instead of a dress and heels, you can opt for a pair of brogues or oxfords.

Classic work-fits does the trick :- Yes, we know we just said that you need to experiment more and it does seem like we’re a walking oxymoron (forgive us) but sometimes, different isn’t always better. Classic work-fits are timelessly fabulous  and easier to source, so sometimes, you can just roll with this kind of perfection.

Go big! :- Try to merge the classic and experimental look, you can do this by adding one statement piece, mixing patterns, masculine looks with heels and so much more.

Disclaimer: These are all just suggestions and are in no way set in stone; it is important that we all feel comfortable in our skins and what we wear. So go out to work and wear whatever you like and feel beautiful, strong and motivated, slay in your own way.

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