6 Funny tricks a Nigerian girl uses to collect money from her boyfriend.

A typical Nigerian girl knows the mumu button of virtually every guy she relates with and she can press it anytime she wishes to. Funny enough, these tricks here always work especially when your girl is well armed and ready for you.

Now dear man before you begin to dance for joy, these tricks always work regardless of whether you know or you don’t know about them.

  1. She will pretend like she is sick.

This usually happens when she is knows you are very emotional but stingy. There are guys that cannot stand a person they love being sick so as soon as you tell them you are sick, they will look for the fastest way to make you well.

2. She will tell you she is having a bad day.

When you ask how she is and she says she is not fine, just know that you just stepped on sticky glue and unfortunately, it is always difficult to get out of this.

3. She will tell you someone complained about how her hair looks.

This is the moment when she is like ‘let me gist you what someone said about my hair’ just know that before the end of that conversation, money must drop!

4. She will cook your favorite food and serve it to you in a very special way.

Africans believe that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. A typical Nigerian girl knows this and capitalizes on it.

5. She will give you a rub down and make you feel on top of the world.

This one works like magic, your head will virtually stop functioning for some minutes and you will just begin to grant all her requests without thinking.

6. She will pretend to be upset with you and won’t listen to your pleadings until you drop something.

Hope you had fun with this, tag your friend that does any of these!

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