Why You Should Eat Date fruit

What is date fruit?

Date fruit is a fruit sold in some parts of the world and Nigeria. Originally date fruit belongs to North Africa. It is a very sweet fruit and has an egg shape. When ripe, it has a bright yellow color and when dry its  color to brown. It is usual to see dates hawked in wheel  barrows  by the northern vendors, especially the dry ones. Unlike the fresh ones which have sour taste.


Date fruit tree


Date is considered the symbol of fertility in egypt. The flesh of the fruit contains a seed. Date fruits are very sensitive fruits, especially to cold, when it comes to cultivation. It grows in different types of soil with good drainage but moderate zones and also gets much amount of sun exposure.


Dried date fruits


Overproduction of date fruits with limited processing leads to a huge loss for low grade fruits and are globally observed during harvests, storage conditions and processing. Low grade fruits are grounded and mixed with grains as feeds for camels, horses, sheep, cattle and poultry.

Fresh date fruit


                      Healthy Benefits Of Date Fruits

Date fruit as an energy boosters because they contain glucose, sucrose and fructose.

The fiber in date fruits helps in supporting regular bowel movements by cleaning the gastrointestinal system

The antioxidants in date fruits are known as tannins which possess properties like anti inflammatories and anti infectives.

Dates contains Magnesium, Manganese and Selenium. These minerals are very necessary for keeping the bones and blood.



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