Why is he afraid???

Our minds are odd. They have a tendency to self-sabotage, and plant seeds of doubt. They keep us up at night by reminding us of the pressures we face the next day. They introduce unfounded anxieties. They arbitrarily remind us of our most embarrassing moments while we’re in the shower. It’s incredibly counterproductive considering our brain is also the means by which our body fundamentally regulates itself. It’d be like a conductor wanting to make sure a train gets to the station on time while simultaneously running into the engine room swinging a hammer around. That’s the double standard of our own brain.

So it’s no surprise that guys can have some incredibly intrusive thoughts crawl their way across the wrinkles of their brain. If we calm the hell down we can quickly dismiss them, but even the most secure dude has probably worried about these things. It’s not you, it’s just that we have an asshole for a brain.

Your family hates him. Your friends hate him. Also maybe his friends and family hate him. Why would anyone hang out with someone they hate? Of course this is a wildly unfounded fear. Unless… everyone did it out of pity. Then it would kind of make sense. Not a lot of sense. But enough sense to make him laugh way harder than he needs to at your parent’s jokes to suck up juuuuust a little.

As great as your relationship is now, it’ll eventually crash and burn. Out of all these irrational fears, this one is the most theoretically plausible. Of course your relationship will either end very happily or with you two breaking up. But that’s also like thinking your crossing the street ends one of two ways: either you make it to the other side or you get hit by a car. It might be technically correct, but you can’t constantly be thinking of that.

 His brain is slowly driving him insane with all these intrusive thoughts. This one is probably worth worrying about.

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