Tips on How to grow Your hairline Back

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Get Your Edges Back


Hairline is the edge of a person`s hair, usually it is where the hair starts. you can identify an healthy hairline from a distance as well as an unhealthy hairline. you know your edges are in trouble when your edges starts to recede.


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There are quite a number of reasons why the hairline recedes but here are a few reasons

  1. Tight Hairstyles :  It is important to note that some human scalp are sensitive and as such should be treated with care. Hair styles that are too tight should be avoided as this is one major cause of hairline loss.
  2. Age: Hair loss is usually a natural part of ageing, the older we get, the faster the hair recedes.
  3. Medical treatments: some medical procedures or treatments like chemotherapy often causes a person’s hair to fall out.
  4. Habits: some lifestyle choices like smoking may cause hair loss faster than those who don`t engage in smoking.
  5. Lack of nutrients: research has shown that people who do not get enough protein in their diet may experience hair loss than people who do.
  6. Hormonal changes like dihydro testosterone may trigger hair loss in both men and women. it causes the follicles to shrink to the point that no hair can grow in them anymore.

There are thousands of hair follicles on the surface of the scalp, each growing their own hair. As these hairs fall out, new ones replace them. But if hair follicles become damaged for any number of reasons, the result can be hair loss and a receding hairline.

How to grow them back

  1. Avoid weaves and braids for now, they look good only on healthy and well groomed hairlines
  2. moisturise and oil your hairline frequently with hair products that are compatible with your hair.oil products could be coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil.
  3. Massage your hairline with the tip of your fingers. do this as many times as possible, it helps increase blood flow to your scalp and in turns promotes hair growth.
  4. wash your hair at least once in two weeks
  5. Apply hair conditioners on hair after wash before rinsing out
  6. Eat healthy meals that contain protein, vitamins and fatty foods
  7. Take supplements like omega h3, they help improve hair growth
  8. Drink plenty of water
  9. Take your mind off it, trust me,it helps.
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    If you have carefully engaged in the tips above and gotten no positive result, please visit a dermatologist.



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