The New Episode of Game of Thrones has us Reeling…

The new episode of GOT that aired on Sunday sent the entire internet into a frenzy, with people foaming at the mouths, upset and calling for the heads of the writers, the cast and even fellow fans. When the leaked excerpts dropped on Sunday evening, local fans were in quite an uproar, (we don’t typically get it here till Monday morning, so technically those were spoilers) but there was still some hope that somehow, what we all saw wasn’t the real deal.
But alas people, it was the real deal. And while we believe that the writers know what they are doing, it is so difficult to stay unbiased with this article. But we shall try.

P.S Go no further if you haven’t seen episode 4, because from here on out, spoilers abound.

Here’s a list of things that happened in the new episode of GOT:
Gendry was made Lord of Storm’s End. (the seat of House Baratheon) Apparently Dany is playing him. (She believes he will be loyal to her) Yeah, right.

Tormund got his heart broken by Brienne. Quite sad.

And then got it fixed, in like 2 seconds. We stan a true, strong wildling king.

Gendry told Arya he loves her, and you can all imagine how that went. Yes, she turned down his proposal. Quite sweetly.

Jamie slept with Brienne! And then ran back to Cersei the first chance he got, shattering Brienne’s heart.

Daenerys begged Jon to keep the secret of who he truly is. And he said no. Because what’s Jon without integrity? Pfft. (Oh sorry, this is an unbiased article)

Rhaegal was shot and killed by Euron. (We can’t be unbiased here; give us his head on a spike!) Or you know, dracarys!

Missandei was beheaded. That’s it. That’s…just it.

As it stands, there will likely be some (read, a lot of) carnage and bloodshed next week. But till then, everyone seems to be upset about one or two things with this episode? So, share with us what your displeasure is in the comment section.
And that’s the entire tea. Till next week, that is.

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