The Importance Of Drinking Warm Water

In an actual sense water makes up 60% of the body, but people go about their day forgetting to drink enough water, which is a powerful liquid that helps to keep the bodily functions in shape. It is advised that one should re hydrates daily but not with cold water. The blood vessels become smaller and restricts digestion, which makes the body over work trying to regulate new colder temperature instead of working to turn the food consumed into energy.

Cold water creates excess mucus in the body and increases the chance of falling sick, it solidifies fats and makes it hard for the body to digest unwanted fats. Drinking warm water increases water benefits of the human body and has beneficial psychological  effects. Below are 7 reasons why we should always drink water.


 Benefits Of Drinking Hot/ Warm Water

Improves Metabolism: Drinking warm water helps promote a healthier metabolism and quick metabolic rate. We should always drink water first thing in the morning with a splash of lemon juice, because it helps to kick start the body metabolism.


Boosts Digestion: The best way to flush out toxins from the body is to drink a glass of warm or hot water. Water at these temperatures break down food and oil faster, and makes digestion easier. A cup of boiled water before breakfast can also cleanses the stomach and aid digestion. Therefore the best time to drink water is 10 mins before or after every meal.


Cleanses And Purifies The Blood: Storing water in a copper bottle is very healthy because copper itself helps to purify the blood and kill harmful bacteria. Its best to drink warm water from a copper container to increase the body’s natural detoxification process.


Battles Obesity And High Blood Pressure: Warm water and lemon/ lime mixtures is beneficial for people who have diabetes. It also breaks down build up in arteries which increases blood circulation, and helps in regulating blood sugar levels.


Erases Constipation: Feeling bloated could be due to dehydration, drinking warm water consistently throughout the day, helps to keep the bowel movement regular but mostly on an empty stomach.


Lowers Mucus Accumulation: When hot water is consumed, the amount of mucus accumulated in the nose, throat and gastrointestinal tract is reduced. It keeps the mucus moving and does not allow bacteria remain and grow in these areas. Drinking hot water helps the body from catching virus.