The Heart And How To keep It Health

The heart works to keep human alive as it pumps blood through the vessels of the circulatory system. Lifestyle habits contribute largely to how healthy the heart is or otherwise,  a lot of people have heart related diseases/issues, which could start from birth or may be as result of habits picked over the years. People who don’t exercise enough or have a history of heart diseases, are smokers and are overweight, stand a higher risk of getting a heart attack which could be deadly.

Although with heart diseases, there are always symptoms to look out for. To keep the heat running well and in a healthy state, these three things should be looked out for.

1. Reduce salt intake: Reduce salt intake considerably to maintain a healthy blood pressure which in turn helps the heart. Lower intake of salt in food, and do away with overly salted packed foods and snacks. Do away with labelled foods, with over 1.5g salt per a 100g pack of snack. Eat less than a teaspoonful of salt everyday and eventually cut it completely off diet.

2. Exercise/ Be active: Not sitting lazy in a place helps the heart. Get out, brisk walk, jog, run, hit the gym, keep moving or find a way to stay active. This helps reduce the risk of a heart attack or disease. Find a way to fit in a few minutes of exercise everyday, or adopt a form of aerobic activity weekly, but by all means, stay active.

3. Reduce saturated fat: Eating food high in saturated fat, increases cholesterol level in the blood, which leave a high risk of heart disease. Opt for lower fat dairy and lean meat.