DR Congo: Protesters demand Kabila’s exit, 6 people dead

DR Congo: Protesters demand Kabila's exit, 6 people dead
Tear gas was fired at protesters in the capital, Kinshasa Picture credit: Reuters

About six people have been killed in Democratic Republic of Congo following a widespread protests in the country, United Nations sources say.

The protesters are demanding for President Joseph Kabila  to step down from office. His term of office has expired more than a year ago.

Police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in Kinshasa, where UN peacekeepers have been deployed.

Similar demonstrations three weeks ago led to a number of deaths.

A spokesman for the UN mission to the country said about 50 people were injured in Sunday’s clashes and that dozens had been arrested.

Jean-Baptise Sondji, a former minister, told AFP he had witnessed the death of a 16-year-old girl outside a church in the Kitambo area of the capital.

“An armoured car passed in front of the church. They began firing live bullets, I protected myself… a girl who was at the left side door of the church was hit,” he said.

The widespread marches had been called for by the country’s Catholic Church, which appealed for a large but peaceful demonstration.

The Congolese authorities, however, banned the marches and no formal permission was given. On Saturday evening, internet access in the capital Kinshasa was cut.


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