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Alcohol And Its Disadvantages

Alcohol can impair decision making abilities and motor skills. It is frequently a factor in vehicular accidents, violent behaviors, unplanned pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. Excessive alcohol consumption, can lead to the lethal danger of […]

Fashion & Lifestyle


Since Ebuka pulled his agbada stunt, there have been a lot of tension on the issue. People have liked, loved and even cursed the agbada style. Although I don’t see why others can’t imitate the […]


Why is he afraid???

Our minds are odd. They have a tendency to self-sabotage, and plant seeds of doubt. They keep us up at night by reminding us of the pressures we face the next day. They introduce unfounded […]


Cheating!!! Does everyone cheat???

Does Everyone Cheat? Do you cheat? Do you know someone who cheats? Does everyone cheat? Cheating has become so rampant in our society. It even occurs in healthy monogamous relationship. Some people believe cheating is […]


Spice up your Relationship

We spend much of our day running at full speed. It’s not surprising, therefore, that we might roll our eyes at the idea of adding more things to our to-do list, especially if it involves […]


Baby, don’t do it….

If you’re in a relationship with a great partner — hell, even a somewhat decent one — then chances are, he or she is loving, trustworthy, supportive and has your best interests at heart. Knowing […]