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6 Skills Every Man Should Possess

Tie a necktie Even in our casual culture where hoodies are appropriate attire for billionaire CEOs, every man should know how to tie a tie. Funerals, weddings, and job interviews are just a few occasions […]

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Wearing pleated skirts.

Pleated skirts have always been around for as long as I can remember. Now, I realize that pleated skirts can seem intimidating to wear, as well as a little too preppy, professional, and maybe even […]

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Healthy Living

We all know that importance of healthy living but sometimes work or school gets in the way. There are deadlines and schedules to meet that there’s barely time to eat. It’s no lie that Lagos […]

too much make up
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The harm of wearing too much make-up.

How do you know if you’re wearing too much makeup? And does it matter? The truth is that “too much” makeup is pretty subjective. Our definitions are different. However, there are some risks and possible complications […]