The struggles of a tall lady

Being tall is pretty great, You can see over other people in a crowded room, you can reach items on high shelves, and when you’re a teenager, people always assume you’re older than you are, so it’s easy to sneak into R-rated movies LOL. But being tall isn’t all catwalks and game-winning volleyball spikes – there are some unique challenges that come with a few extra inches. The struggles common to tall women are the same everywhere.

  1. Shopping is the worst. When the average woman is roughly 5’3″, that means the average-sized clothing at the local mall is designed to fit a woman who is at least six inches shorter. Or, on the high end, a full foot shorter, 6’3″ tall. Even ‘long’ lengths of pants often come with inseams just 34-inches long. Which sounds like a lot… unless you’re over 5’10”, in which case those ‘long’ pants just amount to slightly longer high-waters. The flip side to pants and sleeves that are never long enough is that shorts, skirts, and dresses are often obscenely short. They fit like underwear! LOL. Of course, you can always opt to purchase “knee length” apparel that ends up hitting you mid-thigh, but that cute mini dress you thought would look great for your office holiday party? Probably not the best bet if you want to keep things even remotely professional.Sorry, but that’s a major struggle mehn!!!2. Desks and counters are too low:  Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re tall, you’re basically a giant living in a world of miniatures. The reality is, the average man is still just 5’10”, so anyone taller than that is kinda screwed when it comes to the proportions of standard furniture and construction. Desks, chairs, counters, tables — most of them are designed to be ergonomically-appropriate for the average person. When you’re above average, your body has to adapt to fit the average, which is usually pretty uncomfortable. Brie Pierquet, a 5’10” social worker married to a 6’5″ man concurs, “At restaurants sometimes I look like I”m sitting at a child’s table. Just the other day I commented to my husband that the table we were at was not intended for tall people.” The struggle is real, folks.3. Navigating a world of shorter men: Across the world, the women who are tall, all love their height. They’re confident and self-assured. They sincerely enjoy being the tallest person in most rooms especially when wearing heels, but that doesn’t mean the dynamic of being a tall woman in a world of shorter men isn’t sometimes awkward.  There are some cultural expectations that can actually interfere with a chosen career. As a professional dancer, It’s difficult to partner in a dance. In heels, some are six feet tall, and most guys who dance, for whatever reason, are under six foot. Being partnered with someone shorter is difficult and aesthetically, not pleasing. But it’s not just partnering that can be a challenge,  a director could say you are too tall for a role. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that though.







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