Steph Nora Okere Reveals Experience Of Sexual Harassment In Nollywood

Veteran Nollywood actress, Steph Nora Okere has revealed her ordeal of sexual harassment involving a well known producer in the Nollywood industry.  In a quick chat with Broadway tv, she disclosed that the experience inspired her to set up her NGO that supports women, children and the needy in the society. Steph Nora spilled further that the producer put a knife to her neck and ordered her to strip.


The actress revealed the traumatic event following the incident made her stop going for auditions for 2 years and kept mum about it the whole time. She said:

“Over the years, I have tried not to talk about it because my family said ‘let it go.’ Yes, I was sexually harassed.” 

“I was harassed by a very famous producer, who actually put a knife to my neck. It’s a story for another day. I went through that and I actually left Nollywood at a point.”

Further in her story, Steph Nora said: “A producer lured me to his house, told me to take off my clothes, put a knife to my head, what is worse than that?” “After that happened, my family said: ‘that’s it, enough of acting,” she said.

Watch Video below:

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