16 Side hustle ideas that will make you richer!

Someone once said one job pays the bills but a side hustle makes you rich. A lot of people spend so much time trying to figure out what they can do to make more money asides their paid job, while some others try to figure out how best to earn a living without having to work for anyone. Managing your salary may not be sufficient and you may just need a side hustle.

Here are some things you may like to try your hands on with little or no capital.

  1. Uber

The good thing about Uber is that all you need to do is to apply and you can run this with your regualar job. You can come online when you are off work in order to take rides and go offline when you are not available so you are not necessarily obligated to take rides when you are busy at work.

2. MC

If you have good public speaking skills, a good sense of humour and a nice suit, this could be your little gold mine.

3. Online store

There are so many things you can sell online such as clothes, shoes, wigs, food and basically everything, all you need to do is to build your social media presence from the comfort of your home or office and begin to make your money.

4. Graphics Design

Getting this skill isn’t so difficult especially if you have flare for designs naturally. It is also an easy way to make cool money.

5. Events Planning

Event planning involves you ensuring the holistic success of an event. If you have flare for events, this could be for you.

6. Bead Making

Bead jewelry never gets out-dated and a lot of people would always want to rock it and you can capitalize on this and make your money.

7. Events and Interior Decoration

Decoration has to do with creativity and what you need mostly is the skill and the inspiration to build something beautiful out of an empty space. If you have this, then get ready to start making some cool money from it.

8. Fashion Design

You can build yourself in this skill with weekend fashion classes and online tutorials and as you improve yourself in this, you can begin to make money from it.

9. Ushering Service

This is a nice way to make money and also empower others that do not have a means of livelihood. All you need to do is to create a community of young people that will ush at events while you do the sourcing for the events.

10. Fitness Coach

If you are fit and have all it takes, you can do fitness coaching as a side hustle and help people keep fit and lose all their excess body baggage.

11. Events DJ

Are you a lover of music and have a great selection? This is a means of making more money. Just understudy the DJs you know and watch yourself grow in this skill.

12. Social media management

A lot of small scale businesses are looking for an opportunity to get a good social media presence. You can capitalize on this, make some money and groom yourself.

13. Farming

There are different forms of farming that you actually venture into depending on your area of interest. Examples include; fish farming, poultry farming, cassava, etc.

14. Freelance writing

There are platforms that will help you get online writing jobs such as freelacer.com, upwork and so on.

15. Baking and cooking

This is for you if you are a good cook or you love baking. You can have people order for different types of food. All you need to do is to secure your target audience and work towards proving quality services.

16. Proof reading and editing

If you have the ability to pay attention to details, this could be a medium of making money and the platforms earlier mentioned will help you get these jobs.

These side hustle ideas will help keep your purse from getting dry before the end of the month.

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