Olayode Juliana (Toyo Baby Of Jenifa’s Diary) Mourns Her Sister

On a sad note, Jenifa’s Diary star act Olayode Juliana popularly called ‘Toyo Baby’ regrets the untimely demise of her big sister few days ago. Toyo Baby became a household name following her debut in Funke Akindele’s  blockbuster comedy series, Jenifa’s Diary.


She shared the painful story of her big sister’s death on her social media page thus:



I saw you breathe your last, yesterday. I didn’t let the doctor remove the oxygen tube from your nose. “She is not dead”, I exclaimed.

I prayed alone with you for five hours. I declared. I prophesied. I prayed in tongues. I prayed in understanding. I praised. I prayed on you. I prayed over you. I did all that came to mind. I refused to call anyone to let them know you’ve passed away because to me, you only slept. 

By past 5am, you were cold but I still continued to pray. I called your name over and again and very unlike you, you didn’t respond…

Your house is like a Day Care center. You took other people’s children into your arms. You just kept taking people in. Many times, I teased you, saying that you run a children’s organization in your house and you just laughed about it. 

You were interesting, you were kind, you were funny, you were fun, you were caring…

And as I type, memories of how you took care of Samson and I keep flooding my head.

You were a giver, you were hardworking, you were such a beautiful soul…

I still can’t believe that you are sleeping…I think you slept too early big sis…

In it all, GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD…I’ll see you again sis…I love you and I miss you so much already


Toyo Baby

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