Morning Traditions To Keep You Productive All Day


  1. Set Your Alarm With Precision: One thing we are all good at is hitting the snooze button when our alarm rings. It is advisable at least five minutes before the time, you plan to wake up. For instance if you need to be up at 6 am, set it for 5.55 am, so every day you wake up between 5. 55 am to 6 am. After sometime, this specific routine is ingrained in your psyche, forcing you out of bed on time.


  1. Write Out The  Day’s Activities: This makes you intentional with your actions, helping you not to forget or skip any important activity, you should attend to. Writing down your daily activities, also helps to keep you organized all day.



  1. Find A Meal Plan That Is Best For You: A lot happens during our daily 9-5 that most times, we forget to keep our healthy diet on track. We get so caught up with work and eat a lot of junk most times, to keep us going until the day’s work is over. Being intentional about the meals of the day is one step to keeping your healthy diet on track.


  1. Get A Goodnight Sleep: Getting a goodnight sleep is the real secret behind a productive morning, going to bed by 10 am helps you get up at 5.55 am the next day. While sleeping late can mean you may wake up cranky and that may set the tone of your day.