Low cut on ladies…… Do you like it?

You may be surprised at how the trend rolls around like a ball. We always thought that short hair cut makes ladies look uninformed, some of us even thought it was an abomination for ladies to have a low cut o their hair but the trend is totally contrary. lots of women in Nigeria are now embracing the new trend which is wearing or cutting their hair short.  Some women wear their hair short for various reasons; some prefer their hair short for convenience while others say they went into it because they think it is fashionable. There are different types of low cut but the one that is worn mostly by women is called the Anita Baker hairstyle. Nowadays, lots of people have ditched their long curls, braids, attachment for the low cut hairstyle. Most women believe that keeping long hair is a waste of time and energy, and they think the low cut makes them look smarter and takes less stress in taking care of.