Love or Money….


Relationships or even finding the right person to have a relationship with can be pretty complicated. To make it work, you have to have something in common, you need to be able to communicate, and there must be some special chemistry going on.

Many believe that Money can buy everything, including love. I’ve heard many people say that love is more important in a relationship but I doubt they really believe it. Money can make a very young and beautiful woman marry an old man that is old enough to be her father or even grand father. And surprisingly, her family would welcome the old man as their in-law.

It might not sound terribly romantic, but when it comes to relationships, money matters. It might even matter more than just about anything else. Case in point: A recent poll released by the Bank of Montreal found that people were more likely to forgive a cheating spouse than they were to get over money problems in their marriage. And the top reason for divorce? Money.

A little bit of independence

We’ve talked a lot about how couples can tackle their financial relationship, but a little independence counts too, especially for women. Several studies have shown that it’s women who tend to struggle the most financially following a divorce or breakup, often for many years. So whether you’re part of a couple or vowing to stay single, make better money management something you resolve to do for yourself. Relationships don’t always last, so when it comes to committing to someone for better or for worse, it’s best to have a solid financial plan of your own as a backup. It might not be romantic, but neither is income tax. It’s just something you gotta do.

A romantic might tell you that love and money shouldn’t have anything to do with each other, but while money won’t make a relationship, it can (and often does) break them. Finding a partner who’s a good financial fit is as important a consideration as any other. It doesn’t sound romantic, but it might just be money that makes for lasting love.