How To Make A Mouthwatering Oha Soup

Oha leaves are  leaves from the evergreen tree in Africa.It is one of the most delicious soups that is popularly made and eaten by the Igbos, especially people from Anambra. Oha contains a lot of nutrients such as fiber, amino acids, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C. Oha leaves are also rich in  glutamic acid, lysine and cysteine and have low sodium content. Some of the bioactive compounds responsible for the therapeutic actions of oha leaves are alkaloids, tannic acid, polyphenols, oxalates and tannic acid.

Traditionally, Oha leaves are used to treat malaria and digestive issues because of their antioxidants. Oha leaves can be included in a healthy diet because they promote wellness and good health. They also help to maintain power of hydrogen (pH) of the body to be alkaline. Oha leaves are one of the African vegetables that are under utilized despite their numerous benefits.  Oha leaves contain hydrogen cyanide and oxalate but in low levels which are not harmful to humans.

Oha Leaves




Oha leaves
Cocoa yam, Ofor or achi (any preferred thickener)
Meat of choice
Dry fish
Seasoning cubes
Ground crayfish
Uziza leaves
Stock fish
Palm oil
salt and pepper to taste

The video below shows you how to make the mouth watering Oha soup



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