How to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy and Organised

how to keep your kitchen tidy and organised in your home

The kitchen is a significant area in your home; it gets used more often than most other areas.

If your kitchen were more organised and simple to use, you would live a stress-free life and all aspect of your life would feel easier ultimately except you are naturally a dirty person and you really don’t care.

However, your kitchen needs a little touch of cleansing and organisation every now and then no matter how organised you think you are. The following tips would help your kitchen look tidied and organised always.

  • Start by clearing out everything in your kitchen

From your pots, refrigerator, to your kitchen equipment, put out everything that is movable and set them apart.

  • Sweep, Clean and Mop

start by dusting out your cabinets, cleaning your kitchen windows if you have one, cleaning your fridge and freezer.

you can now sweep the kitchen floor and mop it too.

  • Group the items

everything you have brought out from the kitchen should be carefully grouped. For instance, all your food ingredients should be grouped together, your kitchen equipment like blender, toaster, and microwave should be grouped together as well. This would aid easiness while working in the kitchen.

  • Put out the stuffs you don’t need

while grouping the items, you notice some items you don’t use frequently or broken items, this is the best time to discard or donate them. your kitchen doesn’t have to be jam-packed,  you need space to move freely in the kitchen, also the kitchen needs to breath so don’t stuff it too much

  • Organise the cabinets or table

Now carefully arrange your cabinets with everything you have put out but now in a clean and organised state. some homes don’t have cabinets, they make use of tables so if that is the case, arrange them neatly as well on the table according to their groups.

The following tips would be helpful to a beginner only if you do this and consciously make efforts to keep it that way. Also the tips below are very important

  • wash dishes immediately after use
  • sweep the kitchen every day and mop every weekends
  • clear out and clean your refrigerator frequently
  • disinfect your kitchen floor when you mop
  • put out your waste bin and disinfect it


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