Healthy Living

We all know that importance of healthy living but sometimes work or school gets in the way. There are deadlines and schedules to meet that there’s barely time to eat. It’s no lie that Lagos traffic is the worst and we’re tempted to just buy junk food and only spare time to cook when the week ends. To get back lost energy, it is safe to keep fruits around you instead of greasy junk food. Fruits like Apple, pear and grape have longer shelf life so they can last for a 2 or 3 days without getting spoilt.
Exercise is a big deal here in Nigeria. Women eat a lot of junk food and still want that slim figure 8. Of course, we’ll get that figured 8 but not just the slim one. Many 9-5 workers and even students don’t have the time to exercise so it is advised to do a little exercise in the morning, a quick 10-20 minutes exercise or walk in the evening will go a long way. With the hustle and bustle of Lagos we can surely find out little ways to stay healthy. Other ways to live healthy is to manage stress, sleep better and improve relationships.