Health Benefit of Garden Egg

Health Benefit of Garden EggGarden egg generally known as ‘Igba’ by the Yoruba’s, ‘afufa’ or ‘ahara’ by the Igbo’s is a bitter plant and a highly valued delicacy in Africa. Culturally, it represents blessing and fertility; this is why it is found in wedding ceremonies in some communities in Africa.

Garden egg constituent certain nutrient and it is a member of the vegetable family. It is mostly found in green and cream color. You can eat your Garden egg raw or prepared to give you a pot of stew with a nice aroma. Health benefits of Garden Egg include;

  • Garden egg aids weight reduction. This is because garden egg fills up the tummy more quickly and it has high fiber content.
  • Garden egg serves as a natural blood tonic to the body.
  • It also improves the vision because of the presence of nicotinic alkaloids.
  • Garden egg helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases because of the vitamins present.
  • For Pregnant Women, the garden egg is best because of its vitamins and minerals.
  • Over the years, the garden egg has been known as a helpful anti-cancer fruit.Health Benefit of Garden Egg


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