Going Out on a Date? Put These Tips in Mind!

going out on a date

Everybody wants to make a good first impression on a date, which is totally reasonable. For you to create a good, impression, you need to plan right as regards to what to wear from clothes, shoes, makeup, fragrance and even confidence.

In terms of what to wear on a first date, there are so many “rules” floating around. There are a handful of tried-and-true tips that are applicable for most women in almost any first date scenario.  However, these tips can not completely work for you if you don’t put in mind the type of date


  1. Wear something that fits your body shape and size
  2. Don’t Stress yourself over what to wear
  3. Don’t go overboard with your style, Remember to keep it simple
  4. As much as you want to look good, bearing it all is a no!
  5. Be yourself
  6. Consider the type of date, venue and dress appropriately
  7. Wear confidence, wear smile
  8. Have your hair neatly made/styled
  9. Don’t Apply Too Much Makeup
  10. Wear Something comfortable

I hope that these tips are helpful. Remember that, in the end, it’s all about wearing what makes you feel good about yourself. With the right attitude, great confidence and pretty smile, you can pull off anything. Good luck!

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