Getting Dressed During the Rainy Season in Nigeria

dressed during the rainy season

Rainy season can be really messy in some remote or deserted areas here in Nigeria. However there are a few other things that are worse than getting caught in the rain like hopping around in soggy socks, muddy shoes and drenched clothes, all these can put a damper on what should be a bright day for you.

so when you know its rainy season and you want to keep up with appearance, put these things in mind.

  • Rain is no respecter of anyone
  • It comes often un-announced
  • It sometimes destroys almost everything in its path

you want to be free and keep up with appearance then keep these tips in mind

  • Always have a shower cap in your bag
  • The need to go out with a raincoat or umbrella can not be over- emphasised, don’t be deceived by the clouds, it mostly rains when the clouds are disguised
  • Keep an extra pair of slippers or sandals in your bag, preferably rubber, they are water friendly
  • A more durable bag (rubber/ plastic) rather than the leather bag is preferable during the rainy season
  • A cardigan, pashmina, infinity scarf, head warmer, muffler and so on
  • Keep a Ziploc bag in your hand bag, you could keep your valuables like phones in them when it rains

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