Game of Thrones Finale: We’re Sad to See it Go

All good things as we know, come to an end. In this case, we had to say goodbye to arguably the most popular show on TV in the past 10 years, Game of Thrones. We’ll give you a moment to shed a tear with us here.

Actually, pretty much everything that happened in the show’s final episode had us crying a little. Watching the unravelling of ‘Dany’ Stormborn, Drogon’s very emotional moment after seeing his mother stabbed (can dragons cry?) and seeing the last of the Starks pretty much conquer the world, each in their own way (especially given how the whole show played out for them) made the final episode quite tear-jerking.

Reactions across the internet showed that loyal fans had all sorts of emotions about this final episode. There was a lot of anger, disappointment, hurt and barely any contentment. And the shocker on who finally ruled! Wow!

And the memes, oh the memes.

But with all of that, it still does not take away the fact that GOT gave us some of the greatest TV moments in the history of epic TV moments! We will never forget the quotes, the stunning costumes and best of all, the actors and actresses that gave life to these fictional characters that will forever impact pop culture.

And we say, thank you.

We feel a tad jealous of the people who haven’t seen this show at all. (Imagine being able to feel the way you did when you first started it) But if you’re in that category, best hurry up so that you do not feel left out because there is absolutely no way a GOT reference will not be made in conversations for years to come.

What did you love most about the show? What did you hate? Did your favorite survive? Tell us all you feel about GOT in the comment section below!


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