10 funny things that happens when your Nigerian grandparents come visiting.

There is a feeling you get that moment when your Nigerian grandparents call and tell you that they are coming over to spend time with you and you just have to sound happy so that they don’t start a sermon!

You end the call and begin to picture yourself smiling in a hot pot of egusi soup because of the plenty wahala they will carry along with them. The painful aspect is that they will never leave you with a choice on whether you want them around or not and worse still, everything changes in your house.

Here are some changes that occur in your house when your grandparents come visiting.

  1. Your parents begin to judiciously enforce morning devotion.

2. The food time table changes; you now go from having pizza for dinner to eba and ogbono.

3. The Air conditioner in the house goes on temporary sabbatical leave.

4. Your dress sense automatically changes and your skirt becomes longer.

5. The TV remains fixed on African Magic till they leave because they will tell you that is the only channel they will enjoy and they will still not allow you watch it peace. They will want to narrate the whole movie to you.

6. The Lingua Franca of your house automatically changes to your native dialect.

7. Your playlist changes from Wizkid songs to Tope Alabi because you don’t want them to give you a sermon. You can only hide to play the songs and hope that they don’t catch you.

8. Everyone becomes extra careful in the house because everything you do will be questioned.

9. They turn you to a masseuse or masseur, worse still you become a nurse.

10. They will always call you every minute for the slightest things they want to do with their phones.

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