Ebuka’s Wife Commends Him For Keeping His Head High Despite Foolish Rumours

Don’t you think Ebuka deserves some accolades for keeping it all together for the successful controversial 12 weeks of his life? For the period of the just concluded hot reality show, Ebuka was quick to make  headlines for one ridiculous reason or the other.


His wife, Cynthia (that almost sounded like Cee C) took to the gram to give him a special shoutout for keeping his head up despite the foolish rumours. That was heaved out in a post of the dapper looking Ebuka at the grand finale of the event in South Africa, dressed in a sophisticated traditional outfit (as usual).



she wrote:

It’s all over ! And my miracle won ! 

Special shoutout to my darling husband, you were nothing short of amazing . Your work ethic and dedication inspires me everyday . You kept your head High despite foolish rumours. You’ve handled everything thrown at you with such grace . Only if I was half as graceful as you are .

Let’s not forget how well you slayed effortlessly week after week. I’m teaching you well .😬😂

Anyway cheers to a successful season . I wish you an even brighter year with more gigs and endorsements! . Major shout out to everyone who encouraged you and supported you through this season . 

On to the next ! 😬😬😬





Saeedah Imam

Virgo||Writer-on-the-Go||Blogger||BTech. Physiology||Radio Rat||Witty & full of Humour||Quirky||Free Spirit||Neat Freak||Size6||Yellow Pawpaw||BLACK #RIPTAI

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