8 Crazy things that can happen to you when you shop in a random online store!

Online shopping is quite convenient and it is also an easy way to go broke! There are so many online stores everywhere and you can get virtually everything you want to buy; funny enough, this includes the weirdest things you can ever think of!

Here are some things that you can relate to if you are an online shopper.

  1. You know you are broke and you just drew up a budget that will help you manage your salary but you are addicted to online shopping.

2. You then decide to make a resolution to cut down your online shopping expenses but you just keep seeing nice things.

3. You get an online shopping police (a friend) that helps keep you in check from spending beyond your budget and as you try to sneak to shop, you get caught.

4. You damn the consequences with the statement, ‘I cannot come and kill myself’.

5. That moment when you appear so serious when you are shopping online in the office and your everyone thinks you are at your most productive moment.

6. You cannot figure out how much you spent shopping online but you pacify yourself and decide to wait for what you ordered for.

7. You are so anxious as the delivery day arrives.

8. The d-day comes but you get the exact opposite of what you ordered for.

Yeah, this happens when you don’t take out time to verify the store or product you are about to buy from online store. Next time, before you shop online, be on guard!

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