Clash Of Opinions! Uche Ogbodo Disagrees With Monalisa Chinda On Domestic Violence

A large number of celebrities have a loud voice in the campaign against domestic violence as a whole lot of the ladies in the entertainment industry have been victims. In the past months, there had been several reports of actresses who were abused domestically by their partners.


This has made the flag against domestic violence to rise higher than any matter at hand. There’s barely any interview with our celebrities where their opinion on the issue was spared. A host of the female public figures and even the other gender have risen to become stern ambassadors to proclaim against this act.


Talking about opinions, beautiful fair skinned Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda, while sharing her opinion about domestic violence mentioned that sometimes, women can provoke their men to lay hands on them.


On the other side of thought, fast rising actress Uche Ogbodo who just released a movie which addresses domestic violence, on an interview with the NET TV says:  “I disagree with Monalisa. We all have our minds and how we understand certain things. You know they say women talk a lot but not all women talk… I don’t think she should capitalize on women being the cause of domestic violence because it is not true”.

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