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Purging…. Causes and Solutions

Common causes of Purging and stomach disorders; · Food poisoning: The intake of contaminated food and drinks can cause purging. Eating spoilt food can also cause purging and stomach ache.· Eating and Drinking kinds of stuff that make […]

cakes and birthdays
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Birthday and cakes!

I have always asked myself this question: “why is there always a cake at literally every celebration? Why not something else? like errr… water or eggs Must it be a cake? I am very sure […]

Ode To Hunger By Prof. Niyi Osundare
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Health Benefit of Garden Egg

Garden egg generally known as ‘Igba’ by the Yoruba’s, ‘afufa’ or ‘ahara’ by the Igbo’s is a bitter plant and a highly valued delicacy in Africa. Culturally, it represents blessing and fertility; this is why […]

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Is Pomo healthy???

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Nigeria has confirmed that the consumption of pomo as meat substitute was dangerous to health. ponmo does not have any nutritional value to human health. “In fact, it […]