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Top 5 benefits of Red Wine

1. Boosts Heart Health Active compounds in red wine, including polyphenols, resveratrol and quercetin, have proved to have cardioprotective properties. Numerous cross-sectional, observational and controlled studies show that drinking moderate amounts of red wine has […]

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Purging…. Causes and Solutions

Common causes of Purging and stomach disorders; · Food poisoning: The intake of contaminated food and drinks can cause purging. Eating spoilt food can also cause purging and stomach ache.· Eating and Drinking kinds of stuff that make […]

cakes and birthdays
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Birthday and cakes!

I have always asked myself this question: “why is there always a cake at literally every celebration? Why not something else? like errr… water or eggs Must it be a cake? I am very sure […]

Ode To Hunger By Prof. Niyi Osundare
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Health Benefit of Garden Egg

Garden egg generally known as ‘Igba’ by the Yoruba’s, ‘afufa’ or ‘ahara’ by the Igbo’s is a bitter plant and a highly valued delicacy in Africa. Culturally, it represents blessing and fertility; this is why […]