Carrot Oil Is Good For The Skin

Carrot oil adds moisture and provides antioxidant protection to the skin. It has chemicals with these properties, Analgesic, Androgenic, Anti Alzheimer, Anorexic, Anti aging and Anti asthmatic activities. Carrot oil also helps to remove toxin and water built up in the skin, giving it a fresher and firmer appearance.

Carrot oil helps in skin-soothing, cell regenerative qualities, for stretch marks and wrinkles. Just as eating a lot of carrots each day might result in orange skin, applying only carrot oil products to the face also causes this same change of skin colour on the face. Homemade skin care recipes and commercial product, use carrot oils in small proportions.

Carrot oil can be in body creams to nourish, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. It visibly improves the skin tone elasticity, and the general skin health, if used appropriately. It slows the progress of wrinkles and also calms irritated skins. Carrot oil helps people who spend time outdoors and it has very high antioxidant properties