Can’t You Recognize Yoruba Angel From Yoruba Demon – Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin

Popular Nollywood actress and business mogul, Lizzy Anjorin has just proven his favourite housemate in the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show this morning with a long instagram post about his relationship with one of the housemates’ family, Tobi. She relayed in the outburst of this morning how supportive Tobi’s parents have been to her all the while.


Having said that, Lizzy Anjorin continued in another insta feed to campaign for the most trending housemate below”



This is my reaction when people accused tobi for being too weak towards women….Can’t you guyz recognise (YORUBA ANGEL FROM YORUBA DEMON)..Tobi Bakre is a complete undiluted yoruba angel .

People have been complaining about tobi and cee cee …trust me “tobi” cannot hurt,i think we should all appreciate tobi for being a Yoruba Angel not Yoruba demon …Tobi emulate a wonderful caring spirit from his father..people saying Tobi’s parent are rich he doesn’t need money .
I think we should not allow hate and jealousy to ruin our life…we are to love people that deserve love ..we should embrace people that render help to the society..
Tobi’s parent good deed has paved way for him already so lets support the right person for the right price, let him win so that tobi can emulate spirit of giving from his parent….when we talk about bad economy ..our hate towards successful people ruin our economy all over the world not govt …we should learn to Appreciate Good deed,to serve as a lesson to others…if i can swallow my Pride and do this …you too can quench hate and support the successful ones so that you can be one …
We all should understand that the poor ones will definatly climb success ladder through successful people in the society ..
#Tobi Win…#TeamTobi# #ParentgoodwillpavesWaysFortheirChildren# #NoFreedomOfSpeechForHaters

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