The Health Benefits Of Breadfruit (Ukwa)

Breadfruit also known as ukwa in igbo language is a highly sort after fruit due to its medical properties. it is a wonder food and tastes a little like bread.It can be grounded into flour to make pancakes and crips.

The protein in the fruit has a high portion of amino acids than soy. It also contains vitamins and minerals, you can eat breadfruit cooked, fried or baked. It is also rich in fiber and is a source of potassium.

The seeds contain natural substances that are dangerous to d body,so its best advised to wash thoroughly before cooking.

Fresh breadfruit.

            Benefits Of Eating Breadfruit.

Breadfruit is good for the heart because it is rich in potassium and it also regulates the heart and excess sodium.

Breadfruit helps to boost the body immune system and also helps to digest food and absorb nutrients.

it helps to curb age related disease.

With the help of the carbohydrate content in breadfruit, it helps boost energy.

The calories in Breadfruit is very for pregnant women control cholesterol and reduces the risks of diabetes.

It prevents skin inflammation.

it accelerates the regeneration of new cells.

it is good for a healthier hair growth.

it is good for the treatment of eczema.


Roasted ukwa and palm kernel nuts.

            Side Effects Of Breadfruits.

Breadfruit is good for the foetus  but pregnant women cant consume so much because it cases bleeding disorder.

Breadfruit causes low blood pressure when the intake is too much

Eating unripe breadfruit causes choking


Porridge breadfruit and the water.