Be Inspired By Shalom Blac’s Story#Facingmyfears

Be inspired by shalom blac


Today we get inspired by Shalom Blac a burns survivor and make-up artist, who grew up in Nigeria and now live in the US.

The make-up artist and influential YouTube blogger was burned with her younger sister by hot oil at her mother’s restaurant when she was only just nine years old

She got the opportunity to move to the US with her younger sister after her aunt who was resident in the US at the time was moved when saw the gravity of the effects on their skin

After four months in hospital she was bullied for her scars and encountered hostile looks and behaviour when she moved to the US

Though still working on her confidence level, she has been able to overcame her dark feelings by seeing her beauty and sharing her make-up tips online

On her YouTube channel, she uploaded a video that addresses her battles, how she’s been able to work on her confidence level amidst the hate comments she gets.

This whole new episode is tagged #facingmyfears here’s what she wrote and get inspired as you watch the video below.

I am so excited to announce my first #FACINGMYFEARS series with you all, this is going to be an on-going series of me facing some of the challenges in my everyday life and hopefully overcoming them. In this episode, I decided to reveal myself to a particular (@cookjustice) person in my life at the moment. What would he think? WATCH TO FIND OUT!

We all have insecurities, what is the one insecurity you plan and wish to overcome this year?


Shalom you are amazingly beautiful.

Be inspired by shalom Blac

Be inspired by shalom blac

Be inspired by shalom blac

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