Anambra 2017 Guber primary election: Between Nwoye, Arthur Eze and APC

The just concluded Anambra 2017 governorship primary election has come and gone even though the dust the election raised is yet to settle down in the political parties. However, the eyes of the citizens of the state as well as the entire world are beamed on the general election which comes up on the Nov. 18 and who will emerge as the next governor of the state. The guber primary election which throws up big names across different political parties was not without surprises. The All Progressive Congress cleared 12 aspirants for its primaries. They are: Chukwuma Paul, Madu Nonso, Moghalu George N., Nwibe Bart, Nwike Patrick N, Nwoye Tony, the eventual winner of the primary, Obidigbo Chike, Okonkwo D, Onunkwo JohnBosco, Senator Andy Uba, Uchegbu Adaobi and Uzoh Obinna. The PDP has Akolisa Ufodike, Senator Stella Oduah, Mr Ukachukwu and Obaze Aseloka, the winner of the primary.

The ruling All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA throws its weight behind the incumbent governor of the state, Willy Obiano who it claimed has done very well through its various developmental projects across the state.

The primary election was not without the normal hitches that has been identified with election in the country since 1999 when the country returned to the democratic space. The system has always been manipulated in favour of some anointed candidates by some forces within the party who are bent on having the string of power being pulled remotely from the cocoon of their room. Such power mongers always look for the feeble minded, support  and unleash them on the people.

Political history in Nigeria is filled with such traditions and it is not sure if it is going to stop anytime soon due to the ‘’godfathered’’ politics we played in this part of the world. For instance, during the run up to the presidential election of 1979 which produced Alhaji Shehu Shagari, the man many party men supported at the time was Alhaji Maitama Sule who passed away recently. Alhaji Maitama Sule has a very strong personality that the power merchants believed will be difficult for them to control. Realising this, they decided to opt for a pliable personality which they found in the person of Shehu Shagari. The manifestation of his government and how money was looted during his era was legendary and Nigerians have a terrible story to tell. The looting of that time was what the Buhari/Idiagbon capitalized on to overthrow his government.

How Olusegun Obasanjo foisted Umaru Yar’adua on the country which led to another disaster that Goodluck Jonathan government represents is still very fresh in our minds.

Back to Anambra,  Chris Ngige was made governor of the state by billionaire Chris Uba. We do not know the kind of agreement he signed with him during the campaign but it was obvious that the failure of Chris Ngige to share the state’s money with his godfather led to his kidnap in the state. It is on record that he is the first governor in the country to be so treated.

Meanwhile, hours after the controversial governorship primaries that led to a lot of acrimony among the aspirants in which Tony Nwoye publicly confessed that Senator Andy Uba has refused to talk to him since his emergence is a pointer to  the reality that all is not well within the party. It is not any different in the PDP where some of the aspirants believed that the process was skewed to favour Obaze Oseloka who is the anointed candidate of Mr Peter Obi.

However, our attention was drawn to a letter published on the social media platforms which contained an agreement signed between APC candidates, Tony Nwoye and Prince Arthur Ezeh OFR before the governoship primary election in which it was alleged that Tony Nwoye asked for financial assistance to prosecute his election from Prince Ezeh.

The document shows the willingness of Ezeh to bankroll the election provided Tony Nwoye is ready to abide by the conditions push forward by his benefactor. All the details is contained in the document. If this document is real, Anambra may be back to the years of the locust. Aside from this, it is a signpost that Tony Nwoye is not coming in to give hope to the Anambra people rather, he is interested in strangulating the state and its people. It is very unfortunate.

APC inaugurates committee on true federalism

Security officials should look into this document with the view to unravel its authenticity so as to deepen our nascent democracy and free it from the hands of vampires in political cassock. How could anyone who wants to serve its people be so desperate as to go sign such anti-developmental agreement to be a governor? It is the people that will eventually suffer because the billions spent on the election will first be recouped.

The last Ondo state governorship election was a good example of monetized democratic process. The government in power as well as other party shared money but APC who spent huge billions eventually emerged as the winner. It must be noted that they do not win the election based on performance but money they threw around. That is why Akeredolu government cannot tell Ondo people the financial status of the state until 6 months after taking over.

A transparent government won’t go that path. Today, the government said it met N200 billion debt while the immediate past  government said it left N20billion behind. Who is saying the truth? One thing is, we know that the billions spent on the election will be packed first and it is unfortunate. The people are the one who suffer for all this sickening behavior of their leaders.

Saddening, that level is where Tony Nwoye and Prince Arthur Ezeh are taking the people of Anambra to all in the name of wanting  to lead the state. How I wish APC who rode to power on the mantra of change will investigate his Anambra state governoship candidate and safe the state and her people from being looted. But, can a party leadership who legalise the rape done by Rotimi Akeredolu and its team contrary to the decision of the governorship primary appeal committee in Ondo state be above board this time? As it is in Ondo so it is in Anambra.

John Akingbade

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