All we need to know about depression

Depression is a mental illness which negatively affects how people feel, act and think. it also leads to one’s inability to function or be active at work and at home. Depression and sadness are two different things, sadness is a normal human feeling or reaction to situations that causes emotional upset and pain, while depression is an abnormal feeling that affects the thoughts, emotions and behaviours in chronic way and is a long term feeling. One can get over sadness in a minute than depression.


                             Types of depression

Major depression

Persistent depressive disorder

Seasonal disorder

Bipolar disorder

Psychotic depression

Peripatum depression

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

situational depression

                          Symptoms of Depression

Depression varies from mild to very chronic, which includes:

Mood swings

Unable to sleep

Slowed movements and speeches


Not being able to concentrate or make descisions

Suicidal thoughts


                              Causes of depression

Genetics: Depression runs in some families.

Environmental factors: Exposure to violence, abuse, poverty or neglect puts some people in a depressed state.

Biochemistry: Certain chemical in the brain may also contribute to depression symptoms.

Personality: People who are easily overwhelmed by stress, demoralized or with low self esteem.

Medical issues: Dealing or coping with a chronic illness also leads to a depression especially having to live with it with a long term management.

                     Prevention and treatment

Get enough sleep.

Exercises and workouts.

Regulate your blood sugar.

Eating healthy.

Find a passion in life.

Working on a positive attitude.

Have lots of fun.