All We Need To Know About Ear Infection

An ear infection is a type of infection that affects the ear canal, the eardrum or the middle ear. Ear injuries are usually caused by pressure change, during direct injuries, and also constantly painful ear signal. Ear infections are usually caused by a bacterium or virus in the middle ear. The bacteria or viral infection of the fluid is what produces the symptoms of an ear infection. Ear infections are very common in kids.


Ear pain

Fullness in the ear

Hearing loss

Ringing in the ear




Difficulty in sleeping

Drainage of fluid from the ear

Headache and loss of appetite

                                                           Risk factors


Group child care

Infant feeding

Seasonal factors

Poor air quality

                                                       When To See  A Doctor

If symptoms persists more than 2 days

If ear pain is severe

If the child is unable to sleep or irritable after a respiratory infection

If a fluid, pus or bloody discharge from the ear

If the symptom persists in a child less than 6 months of age


Impared hearing

Speech or development delays

Spread of infection

Tearing of the ear drum


Stay away from smoke

Always keep sharp objects away from kids